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  • Market intelligence

  • Point-of-sale performance analysis

  • On-line and off-line strategy integration

  • Trade Marketing Consulting

  • Correct selection of new locations

  • Product introduction to modern and traditional channels

Datos del mercado de valores

Financial sector

  • Economic analysis

  • Corporate best practices for accounting and tax compliance

  • Digital innovation for efficiency and risk mitigation

  • Licenses and permits for mining operations

  • Social impact studies and community engagement Environmental studies and programs (baseline, environmental impact, environmental adaptation and management, domestic water, etc.)

  • Remediation

  • Institutional communication for stakeholders


Extractive industries

  • Economic analysis

  • Best corporate practices for accounting - tax compliance

  • Digital innovation for efficiency and risk mitigation

  • Licenses and Permits for mining operations

  • Social Impact Studies and relationship with communities
    Environmental Studies and Programs (baseline, environmental impact, adaptation and environmental management, domestic water, etc.)

  • Remediations

  • Institutional communication for stakeholders

Edificios residenciales

Housing and civil works

  • Quantitative economic and market analysis

  • Real estate sales and brokerage

  • Debt collection and recovery strategies

  • Permits and paperwork management

  • Digital innovation for efficiency and project management

  • Environmental, urban and road impact studies

  • Ecotechnologies

  • Intercompany relations and supplier network

Gráficas de inversión

MANAGEMENT and investment

  • Analysis of government plans and programs

  • Long-term economic analysis and projections

  • Risk assessment and mitigation

  • Legal certainty in foreign investment, immigration and industrial property issues

  • Integration of domestic and foreign investment projects

  • Investor relations

  • Management with authorities and international organizations

  • Geostrategic analysis

  • Digital media monitoring

Sector Financero
Industrias extractivas
Vivienda y obra civil
Gobierno e inversion
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